Where to find me


Artist Statement

I create in order to express myself. I find it difficult to express myself in words, creating art provides me a way to say the things that I can’t say any other way. It allows me to exercise the demons that haunt me and to release the passion inside of me that I keep hidden from the outside world. I create because I have to.


My paintings are non-figurative. I attempt to show what I am feeling through color and shape. When I look at a finished painting and I can see what I was feeling when painting it, I consider it to be a success. Regardless of how pretty or ugly the end result may be, if it communicates the message then I have achieved my goal.

My process is about releasing external concerns and letting my intuition guide me with the goal of expressing my inner self. I use several techniques to try to achieve this goal, including the Surrealist process of automatic writing. Releasing control, removing the conscious mind and its various filters from the equation allows me to express myself more truly. Through this process, I am able to get in touch with my feelings, emotions, mood and translate that into artistic creation.


While painting is my medium of choice for expressing my internal thoughts and feelings, I have discovered that photography allows me to express my feelings about the world around me in an unique way. Be it the beauty and serenity I find in the natural world or the beauty of the human body, my photography is an attempt to freeze those moments in life in which one feels at one with existence.


Born in Arkansas in the 1970s. Raised in Southern Missouri. Moved to the Pacific Northwest in the recent past. Enjoys painting, photography, and being alone in nature.